Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Groh Must Go???


COMMENT: COACH OF THE YEAR? HUH? coach of the year is really the award that writers get to give to the team that they thought was going to suck at the beginning of the season, but actually turned out ok, but because there is no award for that, it goes to the coach.

I have been at UVA as long as Coach Groh has. In my entire time here, there was precisely ONE game that i thought UVA had no chance to win, but did end up winning...vs Florida State in 2005. Games that UVA should have won but actually lost, in 2007 alone there was @ NC state and @ Wyoming. Last year there were losses to Western Michigan and Eastern Carolina. The year before there was the dreadful defensive performance against MD where Vernon Davis appeared to run around the field with a protective force field and then the inexplicable loss to UNC by a score of 7-5.

Im gonna stop, its depressing me. The key thing is that Al Groh deserves the extra year, he doesnt deserve the actual amount of money he makes.

Groh Quotes:

Reporter: What were you doing on that last play? (against syracuse)
Coach Groh: You ever see cocktail? sometimes you just have to go for it.

thats about it.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wizards vs. Warriors

The Wizards lost to the Golden State Warriors on Saturday in a shootout. Golden State was just shooting lights out all night and the Wizards were not playing any defense whatsoever. I wonder what would happen if Eddie Jordan decided to play Blatche and Haywood at the same time. The only thing good that results from Gil being out for three months is that the spotlight is now on Butler and Jamison both of whom I have on my fantasy team. Like I said if the Wizards can stay at 0.500 for the next three months they can consider themselves lucky and probably still in the playoff race for the 7th or 8th spot by the time Gilbert comes back from the injury. Nick Young is also getting some decent playing time now and he has shown some promise. I also think that Darius Songalia should be cut from the squad. He is not even good enough to take up space and fouls. Let's go through the game...

What's the over/under tonight fellas?

We're in for a fight tonight...

Earl Monroe everybody...

I can make these with my eyes closed. Remember when MJ actually did that against a team during the '92 Olympics with the original Dream Team? My how the times have changed...

Mmmmmm burritos...

Baron Davis...


Good form. Baron was pretending that he'd win the Powerball if he made that freethrow.

Which one would you pick?

Game Over...

Crazy fans...

Redskins @ Buccaneers

2 lost fumbles so far by the Redskins today. Once by Moss and once by Portis. The two best players on the offense. Another fumble by the Redskins. This one by Campbell. 9 fumbles for the Redskins in the last 5 games. FUMBLE. Again. 2nd by Clinton Portis. Man I should have started the Bucs D today. 4 takeaways today. Redskins 1/2 on 4th down conversions so far. The second one was big. They should have taken the points with a field goal. 3rd time going for it on 4th down. Interception by Ronde Barber in the 4th. 5th takeaway by the Bucs. 2nd interception today by Campbell. The Redskins definitely beat themselves today. 6 total turnovers.

Sam Rosen
Their motto is hustle and hit.
They want to test the Bucs too. They'll hit you hard.
Last year he was working for Best Buy. Stocking the shelves.
A reason why those guys are still playing is that they love football. They love the game.
And there's a wrestling matching going on.
You can see the grimace on his face. He's in pain.

Tim Ryan
A great throw beats great coverage.
If you can get a running game going sideways then they're playing right into your plan.
The Bucs sent a quality blitz; just sending more guys then the Redskins could pick up.
A lot of scrumming going on in that pile. A lot of times the guy that has the ball going into that pile is not the one who has it going out of the pile.
That's been missing from the Redskins defense all year. The ability to rush up the gut.
Garcia said we'll just take what the defense gives us.
You want to create a new line of scrimmage in the backfield.
He'll tell ya. I ain't never gonna let the first guy bring me down.
You get hammered by a couple of injuries and all of a sudden your team is mediocre.
Well, he's a rhythm quarterback.
Cooley, cool under pressure and cool right here.
I love how you got a 300 pounder out there on a wideout.
Are you kiding me? Are you kidding me?
All of the throws from a quarterback aren't gonna be great.
That was a huge drive-stopper on that sack.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

UVA vs Va Tech.

big game. winner to the ACC championship. go HOOS!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Redskins @ Cowboys

Redskins' big "rivalry" today vs. the Cowboys. Come on, give me a break. I'm taking Dallas today:

Troy Aikman:
He [Jason Witten] gets even better when no one covers him.
I think Clinton Portis may very well be my favorite player in the NFL. He's not only tough, but he's a great dresser.
The Redskins are without Sean Taylor. I think that's a pretty significant loss.
This play will determine whether this drive ends in a score or punt.
Greg Williams said that he wanted to contain Terrell Owens today.
The last thing Jason Campbell can afford to do now is to get sacked.

I just upgraded...


Figured that we haven't had a post solely on Agent Zero in a good bit so here's one:

Trailblazers @ Wizards

The Wizards won in convincing fashion against the Trailblazers last night 109-90. As they should have. Gilbert Arenas was out and so was Greg Oden. Portland doesn't have anyone anyway so I spent much of the night going: "Who is that?" when trying to identify the people out there on the court impersonating NBA talent. Oh yeah, funny moment of the night: Some guy asking the refs whether it was over/under as they were exiting the tunnel and the ref looking back at the guy with a confused look. Let's go through the game:

I got there 45 minutes before tipoff because the D.C. Metro sucks. That's right. I got there early and I said the Metro sucks. That's because I planned on it being late and delayed like it is 99% of the time. So I had some time to stroll around the Verizon Center. Let us, however, take a stroll down memory lane shall we?...

Remember him? Does he belong there?:

Remember him? Does he belong there?:

Remember him? Does he belong there?:

Remember him? Does he belong there?:

Remember them? Do they belong there?:

Ok let's end this walk before someone gets hurt. All of those guys were integral in keeping the below picture OUT of Washington, D.C.

Back to the game...

Hello, Greg Oden:

Jarrett Jack is mad...

Hello, Manny Acta. Ready to play in the new Stadium this year? The Reverend Al Sharpton was also in the house, but I missed getting a picture of him.


Which one would you pick???:

Greg Oden is considering his options...

Good night folks. Next home game is Tuesday vs. the Sixers. Bring on A.I. Yeah, that A.I.

When I Die.....

Ravens Fan Friend: ravens are definitely losing today
Ravens Fan Friend: and losing big
E-Dizzle: big?
E-Dizzle: its at home
E-Dizzle: they cant lose big
Ravens Fan Friend: they will
Ravens Fan Friend: i just feel it
E-Dizzle: screw your feelings
E-Dizzle: heh
Ravens Fan Friend: hahaha
Ravens Fan Friend: you think they have a chance to turn it around this year?
E-Dizzle: nope
E-Dizzle: new coach
Ravens Fan Friend: i'm thinking 6-10
E-Dizzle: promote rex ryan to head coach
Ravens Fan Friend: you better hire a good o coordinator
Ravens Fan Friend: i don't agree
E-Dizzle: im thinkin if rex was head coach, he definitely would because he knows he is limited in that area
Ravens Fan Friend: hmmm yeah that's true
Ravens Fan Friend: but i feel like there needs to be a wholesale shakeup
E-Dizzle: wheras billick thinks he knows everything, so he would take on the d-coordinator job if it was open
Ravens Fan Friend: rex ryan promotion would give too much continuity
Ravens Fan Friend: so you're suggesting demoting billick?
E-Dizzle: why is continuity a bad thing?
Ravens Fan Friend: hahahaha there's no way he'll accept that job
Ravens Fan Friend: 0% chance
E-Dizzle: naw billick needs to just go
E-Dizzle: he had a good run
E-Dizzle: but he has lost touch with the team
Ravens Fan Friend: dude
Ravens Fan Friend: i see the browns putting up at least 25 pts
E-Dizzle: well i dont
Ravens Fan Friend: and we couldn't put up 25 pts on the jv squad of the wiggin's school for the deaf and blind
E-Dizzle: but i see the ravens not putting up 15
E-Dizzle: maybe boller will come through
E-Dizzle: yeah i cant say that seriously
E-Dizzle: if boller doesnt fumble the ball every other possession, then we can win the game

This song goes out to Billick

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Eagles @ Redskins

Donovan and the Eagles come to Landover, MD to take on the Skins. Moss and Washington are out today. Let's see I think I'll take the Eagles today. Why do the announcers always say "Welcome to the Nation's Capital?". FedEx Field is in Maryland.

Eagles have 0 kick returns this seaon of 30+ yards. Let's see what happens. Reverse on the kick return. Nothing much really happened. Tripped over his own guy. C'mon Donovan. Need you to have a big day for the sake of my fantasy team. Completes his first pass. Good start. Did you know that Jason Campbell is dating Miss D.C.? I still think Brian Westbrook is one of the most overrated RB's out there.

Andy Reid - I think the last time the Eagles were playing the Redskins it was a MNF game a couple weeks ago and the announcers were talking about your sons that the rest of us refer to as criminals. Let's see if they mention it today. McNabb is just of on this first drive. Darryl - why would Donovan care what other people have to think about him being a "running" QB?

Well so far Westbrook is absolutely shredding this Redskin defense. Westbrook has never scored a touchdown at FedEx Field. Scratch that. Touchdown. Brian Westbrook. Well, the Eagles looked exactly like the UVA Cavaliers on this first drive marching their way down the field and scoring on the first drive. Let's see if the outcome is the same. Eagles 7, Redskins 0. Skins committed 3 penalties on that opening drive.

McCardell is 8th on the all-time receptions list? I didn't know that. Touchdown. Campbell to Thrash. First touchdown reception for a Redskins receiver this year. Extra point no good. Flag on the play. Penalty declined. Redskins 6, Eagles 7. That's why you kick 'em. Just like free throws.

Bummed about that gut?

Brian Westbrook's brother Byron plays for the Redskins. I didn't know that. Great throw and catch from Campbell to Thrash. Campbell definitely has an arm. I don't know why Gibbs doesn't go long more often. 31 yard gain. Touchdown. Campbell to Thrash again. 2nd TD pass today. I should have started Campbell over McNabb. Redskins are going for 2. No good. Redskins 12, Eagles 7.

All 8 of Campbell's completions have gone to WRs. Campbell going looooooong to Lloyd. Almost caught. Good idea to go for that pass though. Halftime.

Eagles are going for it on 4th and inches. QB sneak. Doesn't look like he got it. Turns out he go it. McNabb to Smith. Touchdown. Yes! 2nd today. Eagles 13, Redskins 15. Eagles are going for 2. No good. Campbell is completing his passes here at the end of the third quarter.

Washington has lead in the fourth quarter in 8 of their 9 games. All except the 52-7 loss to New England. Portis breaks the 100-yard rushing mark for the second consecutive week. Touchdown Campbell to McCardell. His first touchdown since 2005. Campbell with 3 TD passes today.

TOUCHDOWN. 45-yard reception McNabb to Brown. Yes! 3 TDs today for McNabb. Great throw and catch. Fumble Ladell Betts. They're challenging the call on the field. Play stands on the field. Washington loses its final timeout. McNabb fumbles on the very next play. Recovered by the Redskins. Nice. 58-yard touchdown reception McNabb to Westbrook. 4 TD passes today. Eagles 26, Redskins 25. Skins are going for it on 4th and 13...they have to. Campbell fumbles. Looks like this game is going to go to the Eagles. There's still plenty of time left though. Almost about 2.5 minutes left. Since the Skins don't have any timeouts they had to go for it instead of punting. Touchdown Brian Westbrook. Walks it in. Eagles 33, Redskins 25. Since the Redskins allowed the score so quickly there is still 2 minutes left in the game. It is still a one possession game. Eagles have scored 3 touchdowns in the 4th quarter. Game over. Eagles go to 4-5, Redskins go to 5-4. Redskins going to Dallas next week.

Darryl Johnston
"When you get yourself into a 15-20 point deficit it's hard to dig yourself out of that hole."
"You've got to be a good-tackling team."
"Is that a free five?"
"A lot of wincing. He doesn't look very comfortable."
"Sean Taylor has a bad shoulder. He's not at full strength at this point in the season."

Tony Siragusa
"I play those video games you know those one person things. I couldn't be in the military though. A little too big to be in the military. But you know I like playing those games."
"Donovan McNabb is a big, bold-bodied guy."
"Them piles is where it happens."
"A big man like that needs a lot of sleep."
"You don't run draws and screens on bad defenses. You run them on good ones."

Virginia @ Miami

48-0. Wow that was a great game. Last game in the Orange Bowl will be a memorable one for the Hurricanes hahaha. My, my, my how the mighty have fallen. Even Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson couldn't help Miami.

Virginia vs. Virgina Tech in two weeks. Hopefully UVA can continue playing like they have been.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Nuggets @ Wizards

A.I. and Melo in town tonight. Jay-Z is also in town. He'll be performing at Love tonight. I wish I was invited. What I wish more was that I was invited to Gil's birthday party last year at Love. I wonder if the 26th birthday party will be as big. I doubt it, but I hope I'm invited haha. I wonder if Beyonce will be there tonight.

Stevenson is just awful. Have you seen his new tattoo? I heard he wanted to get his number tattooed on the middle of his back. Are you kidding me? I mean I understand the name but the number? Practically no one keeps his same jersey number throughout his career. It rarely happens and guys who have done it were back in the past and who were superstar Hall of Famers, not DeShawn Stevenson.

I've been impressed with Haywood so far this year. Maybe I was wrong in thinking that not having Thomas would be detrimental to his performance. Maybe he just needed to know that the job was his. Who knows its only been 4 games.

Nick Young is in during the first quarter. I like it. The Wiz need something to kick start them. Arenas is definitely not 100 percent. Andray Blatche is a young kid too, only 21. He's on Facebook. Add him as a friend. I think right now the offense has to go through Caron Butler. He's the only one really in a rhythm this year. He works best in transition on the break or off the dribble creating his own shot. I'm interested in seeing how Arenas changes his game to accommodate his injury in becoming a better passer and getting his teammates involved.

They're having problems with the clock on the floor. They installed two new clocks on the court one on each side of court on each basket. I like the new additions. They also upgraded the JumboTron at Verizon. Also quite nice. Damn. Melo is heating up. Alley-oop hitting a jumper.

End of first quarter tied at 28. Caron is definitely leading this team right now. I don't know where Jamison went. I like how Jordan is getting some of the new guys some PT along with Antonio Daniels. No, Mike, Songalia is not really a great addition for this team. Man the pace has really picked up during this game. I like it.

Why the f^&* are we talking to Tim Russert about Hilary Clinton??? This is stupid.

Damn. That is the second alley oop given up tonight. Uh oh. Jordan has the B-Squad out there right now. This is not good. Nice spin move by Melo. Arenas and 1. Nice drive. Finally a 3-pt shot for Antawn. Blatche is getting some decent PT. 9 points and 8 boards so far. Nice game thus far. Who is this Kleza guy on the Nuggets? Two wide open threes. Wiz are down by 10.

Caron Butler was arrested 15 times by the time he was 15 years old. 3rd alley oop. Let's keep count tonight. Fourth alley oop. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh wow what a dunk by K-Mart. I wish I had that on video. Halftime Wizards 51, Nuggets 60.

The D-Wade commercial is decently good.

I've been warming up to Steven A. Smith. I used to think he was damn annoying but I'm starting to like how he puts Bill Walton in his place. I must say I'm surprised at how the Boston Celtics are playing this year thus far. Again only 4 games into the season but the big three are getting their points.

I like the music for this commercial

Washington is only shooting 37% from the field. Not gonna do it. A.I. is 32 and in his 12th year in the league. Remember when he crossed up MJ? "I gave him a baby cross-over" 5th alley oop tonight. Camby to Melo.

Wow, Arenas has played more minutes per game than anyone in the league so far this season. Didn't know that. Plus he's not 100%. Stevenson is just straight up struggling. Tear drop from Jamison. That's his shot. Wizards are now down by 17. Its getting ugly. That is not where you want your offense coming from...Songalia shooting an outside jumper. Why is he even out there? I'm hearing some boos. Well-deserved. Wizards have 15 turnovers. This is a sloppy game. Melo is just draining his shots. 25 points so far. So many turnovers. This is turning into a pickup playground type game. Blatche 11 points and 8 rebounds. Melo just can't miss. 13 points in the third quarter.

The best player on the Wizards Butler is not even on the floor right now. This game is getting difficult to watch with the poor execution and all of these turnovers. DAMN. Melo is just LIGHTS OUT right now. 30 points so far in this game and its only the third quarter.

Wiz down by 23 points now. Let's get some of the young guys in there now. This is a sad sight to see. The boos are coming out with regularity now. As it should be like Van Gundy said. I don't think it is entirely a lack of effort. Arenas is just not 100%, and they stopped getting the ball to Butler. Denver outscored Washington 33-11 in the third quarter. Nothing is going right for the Wizards. Disappointing. I don't think Melo has missed a shot this entire second half.

Sixth alley oop this game. Iverson to Smith. Wizards are going 0-5. Tying for the worst start in franchise history. Damn. Arenas is on the bench with ice on his knees. Nooooo don't turn into Patrick Ewing. 29 turnovers for Washington.

Mike Breen:
"Nick Young...who looks like he is fifteen years old."
"It has been Murphy's Law for the Wizards here in the third quarter."
"This one's a clinic for Denver."
"Thankfully this one's coming to an end."
"Denver shelacks Washington."

Jeff Van Gundy:
"I think my dad was in the Army, but I think he was faking it."
"Washington's transition defense is deplorable."
"LeBron James 260 pounds and 4 percent bodyfat. The man is pushing KG for MVP honors just two weeks into the season."
"Special players have to play special...to give yourself a chance to win."
"When you put a body its gonna reduce their vertical."

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Wizards vs. Magic

The Washington Wizards fell to 0-3 Saturday after losing to the Orlando Magic 94-82. There were several things that I noticed during the game:
  1. Gilbert Arenas was playing with something on his leg during the first half. He finished with 10 points, 3 rebounds, and 6 assists. Definitely not usual Hibachi numbers. Agent 0 was definitely not himself as I thought he was playing "pass-first" basketball instead of looking for his shot.

  2. Orlando was making shots beating Washington in 3-pt %, FG %, and FT %.

  3. Brendan "Brenda" Haywood played a decent game finishing with 10 points and 16 rebounds.

  4. Eddie Jordan left the B-squad in the game for too long during a stretch in the third quarter. I thought he could have played Antonio Daniels for more minutes.

Let's go back through the game shall we?

Kelly Rowland singing the National Anthem. Where was Beyonce? I would have preferred Beyonce...

Now Introducing Gilbert Arenas...

Now Introducing Antawn Jamison....

Now Introducing Caron Butler...

Caron checking out a cheerleader. I've traced an arrow from his eyes to...well you know he was just cop-ing a look that's all...


Patrick Ewing looking confused: (am I supposed to check in now??? Ow! My knees. I'd better not. Plus I've got a suit on. Do you think coach would sub me in with my suit on?)...

Dwight "Baby Ewing" Howard kissing his hand for good luck...

Patrick was not looking at the camera because I WAS TAUNTING HIM ABOUT THE TIME MJ POSTERIZED HIM.

Who, me? Bo Outlaw? You want me to practice? Practice? C'mon we talkin' bout practice. Not the game. Oh wait that was A.I....

Game Over...

Orlando Magic leaving the Verizon Center...

Which one would you pick??? What is everyone else looking at???

Redskins @ Jets

Coming off of a 52-7 beat-down against the New England Patriots the Washington Redskins hope to get back into the winning column this afternoon against the New York J-E-T-S. Shouldn't be too tall of a task. I think the Redskins should win today. Lav Coles is out for the first time in seven seasons. Too bad.

First play kickoff return Leon Washington. Yes! Got him on the fantasy team baby. The Jets have the most kickoff return touchdowns since 2001. The Redskins scored in their opening possession for the first time this season. Fluid front setup by the Jets. I like it. Clemens is decently fast. Man the Jets offense is rolling. Some guy who went to Syracuse just caught a touchdown pass for the Jets. Nice.

Onside kick by the Redskins. Great move. They recover. Damn. Nice draw play to Portis. Where did that speed come from? Clinton Portis has not rushed for a 100 yards in a game this season. 3rd field goal today for the Redskins. That's what they get from the recovered onside kick.

Another field goal for the Redskins. Who is this? The Ravens? Great sack by Laron Landry. It wasn't even on the blind side. Jets go 3 and out for the first time today, middle of the 3rd quarter.

So who do you got in the Superbowl coming up at 4? I think the Patriots will take it. 29 yard scramble by Campbell. That is the longest run by a Redskin this year. Campbell also has the second longest run for the team this season as well. Clinton Portis for the first time in the last 13 games finally has over 100 yards rushing.

32 yard run by Portis. He looks unusually fast today. Touchdown. Portis. Nice run attack on this drive by the Redskins with Portis and Betts. Redskins are going for 2. Complete to Randle-El. Nice drive and 2-point conversion.

We're headed to overtime 20-20. All I have to say is that this game better be over soon. I'm switching over to the Pats-Colts game in a few minutes. Going looooong. Campbell incomplete to Moss. Great idea though.

I'm switching over to watch the Superbowl. Sorry.

Apparently the Redskins hit a field goal to win it in OT. Skins go to 5-3. Took OT to beat a now 1-8 team. Nice.

Kenny Albert:
  • Kellen Clemens was born in the same year that Roger Clemens was drafted.

Darryl Johnston:
  • You gotta be smart. You just gotta be smart.
  • What looks open when your hand is in motion might not be open when the ball leaves your hand.

Tony Siragusa:
  • One thing that the Jet's don't want is for the Redskins to run it back on them now.
  • Moss is limping off the field. He can't be 100 percent.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Wizards @ Celtics

Big Three vs. Big Three tonight. Wizards go into Boston to take on the Celtics for the Celtics' home opener. Here's what Agent 0 had to say about tonight's game:

So listen here. On November 2nd, we're going to go into that building, we're opening up Boston. Right now I'm telling the Boston fans: You guys are going to lose. It's not going to be a victory for Boston. You might as well just cheer for me, because Boston isn't winning in Boston for the season opener. I'm sorry.
I've got to be honest. I hope the Celtics fail miserably this year. Its bad enough that the Red Sox won the World Series this year and the Patriots are undefeated and Boston College is doing so well. I hope Agent 0 goes for 50 points tonight.

Bill Walton:
  • Pierce, Garnett, Allen aka PGA Tour or What is your GPA. They don't want to be called the Big Three anymore.
  • Kevin Garnett was born to be a Boston Celtic.
  • Houston is gonna be very good this year.
  • He [Kobe Bryant] should shut up and play ball.
  • No one has ever said Kobe makes his teammates better.

Stephen A. Smith
  • For so long we thought Danny Ainge was in a coma.
  • Boston's getting on my nerves.

Stu Scott
  • No team in NBA history with scorers averaging over 20 points each have ever won a championship.
  • Stick around or else we'll come by your crib and rip your cable out.

Boomer: What do we get for Superbowl 41.5? Daylight Savings time. An extra hour. Don't forget to set your clock back an hour. Even in Indianapolis where you used to not have to.

Q: What do you think of the new Big Three in Boston?
Shaq: Who cares? If you don't win it all it doesn't matter.

Jeff Van Gundy:
  • If you want to win, then you're not gonna talk about defense, you're gonna play it.

Mike Breen:

  • He [Paul Pierce] plays the game at his own pace.
  • A little funky dribble there.

That is so cheap. The Celtics are using the Requiem for a Dream theme song for the entrance video music. The Wizards used that LAST YEAR. I hope the Wizards run all over the Celtics.

Damn, Brendan Haywood is impressive so far. Darius Songalia is not a good player Mike. I like how as soon as he compliments him Songalia commits a foul and gives up a three point play. Get him off the floor.

Ok the Wizards are down big time at halftime. I'm sleepy. I'm going to sleep.

Tomorrow night Orlando @ Washington at Verizon Center in D.C. I'll be there.

UVA Basketball Alum



and kicked in the nuts