Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When you surround yourself with idiots....

LeBron's manager Maverick Carter has been accused of false imprisonment. Isn't this an open-shut kind of thing? If he has the pendant and the lady doesn't have any new money, then he stoles it. Which is silly. If he was the original owner, obviously he lost it at some point, and he obviously didnt put up flyers in the neighborhood asking for it back....so he gets to just take it back? Classic bully bullshit right there. What is he going to tell the po-lice, she just gave it back to me? Naw, he just won't snitch, he won't talk, cause when you are idiot, its better to keep your mouth shut, rather than remove all doubt.

Lebron, I don't know you personally, but damn this summer, you have done, said somethings that makes me wonder, why? I understand you live a life that I can not relate to in any fashion, and that can skew a man's perspective. Apparently you weren't at the house when this pendant got took, but as the kingpin, this reflects on you. She put that thing up on eBay, because she straight up wanted some money, so there was an easy solution. Now, the cost went up. You want to be a billionaire? It's not happening through basketball, you can't sell shoes, barely can sell jerseys, winning championships just means you get into the conversation. But shit like this, this costs. That's money coming out of your pocket.

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