Tuesday, February 19, 2008

In Communist China....

Yao Dunk on Garnett

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lakers @ Wizards

Wizards got crushed on Sunday against the Lakers. It was basically the Kobe Bryant show although the entire Lakers team shot incredibly well. They were just not missing any shots so I have to give credit where its due. Pau Gasol was in attendance but did not suit up to play. Again, like the Knicks game there were so many Laker fans in attendance. What gives? Let's go through the game:


This one's for you:

Kobe had 30 points I think:

Kobe likes feeling himself:

He's lucky Gil was injured:

Rony something...

Interesting stat. Kobe leads the team in turnovers. Go figure:

By the numbers...

The Zen Master:

What happened to his left arm???:

Game Over...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

American Gladiators


Some thoughts

Tuned in a little bit to last night's loss to the Jazz. Blatche had himself a career night, and from the first time that I've seen Eddie Jordan had him and Brendan Haywood in the game at the same time. From what I saw it looked like a good move. Then again the only reason why Blatche had so much PT was that Caron was injured last night. I'm imagining a much, MUCH less talented version of the Tim Duncan-David Robinson duo that helped San Antonio win a championship a few years back. Blatche-Haywood....doesn't quite have a ring to it, but they did have several good defensive series while I was watching.

Gil said that he'd be back March 1/2. I hope that he doesn't decide to resume "The Takeover" because the team has been playing surprisingly well. I also hope that the rest of the team doesn't decide to defer to him like they used to. A lot of these young guys like Nick Young and the aforementioned Blatche have really benefited from this extra PT and should continue to develop. Besides, even though Arenas says he wants to stay in DC there's no telling where he'll be in the next few years.

They had Antawn miked up for last night's game. Not exactly the type of guy that's going to have entertaining things to say like maybe a Charles Barkley or Shaq, who by the way did not make the All-Star team and rightfully so.

I have really learned to like Steven A. Smith and what he has to say. When I first started watching him I thought he was annoying as hell but now I feel differently. He and Bill Walton are like a watered-down version of Sean Salisbury and John Clayton (by the way, doesn't he look like Jim Perdue?). The fact that he holds nothing back and calls people scrubs on national TV is quite entertaining actually.

The Lakers will be in town on Sunday. I wonder if Pau Gasol will be playing...