Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wizzy Wizards


Washington Wizards opened at 30/1 to win NBA finals and are currently at 30/1. THAT MEANS EVEN STEVENS BETTING ON BOTH SIDESS>. or nobody cares. I VOTE NOBODOY CARES So THAT agent zero believes it is perceived slight and SCORES 50 TONIGHT! over under on games won: 40.5, which is 9TH in the (l)EAST. VEGAS SAYS NO PLAYOFFS FOR ZARDS. noted SPORTS GUY rates Wizards as 10th in the (l)EAST. Another perceived slight at AGENT HIBACHI ZERO.

TONIGHTS GAME: LES BOULEZ vs PACERS. HAYMAKERS EVERYWHERE, ESPECIALLY DIRECTED AT MICHAEL DUNALEVY JUNIORRRRRRRRRRR. Pacers favored by one....I would go ahead and take the underdog. I will not be able to watch, but whilst i throw ping pong balls at cups full of beer, i will be thinking of my hero....ZERO.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Redskins @ Patriots

Redskins are huge underdogs today. I'm not giving them a chance.

Patriots offense is looking dominating as usual this first drive. NE loves the shotgun. It works so well for them. Brady is 5 for 5 so far on this first drive. FOX must have multiple microphones close to the field today. I can definitely hear the grunts once the play starts. Brady runs in for a touchdown. Yeah this game is gonna get out of hand.

I like that Hyundai commercial..."get a new one" hahaha. It's so true. What ever happened to commitment? If there's a way out then there's no need for it I guess.

F you Troy Aikman. Since when did you become a Red Sox fan? Give me a break. "I've always wanted to become a part of Red Sox nation" F that. You were a Red Sox fan since the age of 10?

Campbell overthrew Randle-El again. I'm telling you Campbell misses high a LOT. Damn. Maroney is running all over the Skins defense. Where has he been all year? Damn again. That was an ugly cheerleader. Junior Seau is at fullback. Touchdown Mike Vrabel. Like I said. This is getting ugly real fast. How was he that wide open? Mike Vrabel has more touchdowns himself this season than all of the Washington Redskins wideouts. I never knew Troy Aikman never threw more than 27 touchdowns in a single season in all of his career.

When the Saints Go Marchin' In!

Did you know that the Patriots have never beaten the Redskins in the past 35 years? Joe Gibbs in a press conference this past week said even he wouldn't bet on his team to win today's game. Do you think Tom Brady gets bored blowing out teams? I think its safe to start thinking about the Colts next week. Why were there so many people at work giving the Redskins a chance this week? You gotta love that about Redskins fans though. FUMBLE. Campbell loses the ball. Redskins fans are some of the most optimistic people I know. Great move by Vrabel. Tomahawk. Get's the sack and forced fumble and he has a touchdown. Not a bad game so far.

Clinton Portis looks like he's hurt. It looks like Tom Brady is in Techmo Superbowl. Remember that game for the NES? I loved that game. There was a play you could pick that would nearly always work. And it worked even better if the other team blitzed you because the TE would always be open.

The Patriots have scored in 28 out of 30 quarters this season. Campbell is picked off. Second Redskins turnover today. Did I mention that this game is getting ugly? Game 4 of the World Series tonight. As much as I hate to admit it the Red Sox will probably sweep tonight. Redskins forced the fumble. No tuck rule here. Campbell just fumbled. Forced by Vrabel. Man I should have signed this guy for my team this week. Brady is absolutely tearing up this Redskins defense. Oh man hahahha. Brady with a fake spike and touchdown pass into the end zone to Randy Moss. That should have been offensive pass interference though. 11th touchdown reception for Randy Moss. This game is getting ugly. I think I should call up some of my friends who are Redskins fans right now. Tom Brady has set his career high with 29 touchdown passes. Why do they keep saying Randy Moss is smart?

Maroney is having a huge day. Touchdown run by Tom Brady. Second today. 30-0 Patriots. This game is getting ugly.

That LeBron James Nike commercial is pretty cool. "You don't want to be me. You want to be better than me."

Ok so what time is the Patriots-Colts game next week? Vrabel with his THIRD sack and forced fumble!!! Wow. This game is getting ugly. Four Redskins turnovers so far today. Let's see if the Patriots can go for the shutout today. Brady is still completing passes.

15 minutes left in this game. Go for the shutout! Go for the shutout! This Patriots offense is relentless. Good god hahahha. Brady goes long for Randy Moss. In TRIPLE COVERAGE. Complete. That pass was perfect. Are we running up the score? 35-yard pass play. "Tom Brady doesn't come out of games unless the Patriots are up by 40 points". Nice one Troy. Brady has all day back there in the pocket. The Patriots ARE STILL passing. 4th and inches. Patriots are going for it hahaha. They should score here. Brady on the QB sneak. Gets the first down. The Patriots have scored 48 and 49 points the last two weeks. Brady to Welker. TOUCHDOWN. 44-0. This game is getting ugly.

This is definitely a Techmo Superbowl-type game. Brady has accounted for 5 Patriot touchdowns today. Nice. Now Campbell is just airing it out. Brady is finally out of the game. And the Patriots are still passing. TOUCHDOWN. Patriots. 51-0. This game is getting ugly. Relentless. I'm loving this. What pray tell will the Redskins faithful have to say tomorrow? Why will I have to listen to the pity tomorrow from these people as well as on the radio and television? Why do I not like this team even though I live in the area? This is the first time the Patriots scored over 50 points since 1984. Redskins are looking to put some points on the board. DON'T SCREW UP THE SHUTOUT!!!!!!!


"Is there anything Mike Vrabel hasn't done today?"

This will be the Redskins' fourth largest defeat in team history.

"They went to England today. I went to New England today"

The Patriots have only punted twice today.

"The Patriots have averaged more points than Michael Jordan did one year"

I'm pissed about the non-shutout. Patriots 52, Redskins 7.

Patriots and Colts next week. I'm taking the Patriots.

Patriots gained a season-high 486 total yards.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Weekend

At the Wilco show.....drink, drink.....

UVA vs MD....WOOOOOOOO!!!!.....drink, drink, drink

Ravens vs Bills.....hungover

Cardinals @ Redskins

Sam Rosen:

  • I think the Redskins were offsides because the blitzer crossed the line of scrimmage way too early.
  • Jeff Triplet our referee is now living in Oxford, Mississippi.
  • That is a bad penalty.
  • Arizona's offense has been moving. Over 300 total yards today.

Tim Ryan:

  • Kurt Wanter is going to have problems handing off with his left hand due to his injured left arm.
  • Sam in pro football you have to adapt.
  • Thats the problem. The interceptions and turnovers.
  • Lack of a running game has been a problem.
  • The Redskin offense has been lackluster. Campbell and Portis are not really having a good game.
  • Here I'll give you the update. Houston scored, Tennessee is still pounding them.
  • Does this game show you how Kurt Warner is a two-time MVP?

Close win for the Skins today. Next week is @ NE. I wonder if Tom Brady will throw 7 TD passes next week.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fantasy NBA Team

I hope this team does well for me this year. I had the second pick in a league of 10:

1. (2) LeBron James SF
2. (19) Andre Iguodala SG,SF
3. (22) Deron Williams PG
4. (39) Emeka Okafor PF,C
5. (42) Antawn Jamison SF,PF
6. (59) Ben Gordon SG
7. (62) Al Harrington PF,C
8. (79) Randy Foye PG,SG
9. (82) Richard Hamilton SG
10. (99) Boris Diaw PF,C
11. (102) Jarrett Jack PG
12. (119) Charlie Villanueva SF,PF
13. (122) Devin Harris PG

In case you're wondering the guy with the first pick took KG. Which means I was left with LBJ. Not a bad deal. I think the draft went well for me. I was going to pick Jermaine O'Neal with my fifth pick but he was picked before I had the chance. Antawn is a good substitute. In the 11th round I had Marvin Williams in mind but again he was picked before it was my turn. I think I have a great all-around team. I think what will be the deciding factor for this team is whether or not A.I. (Andre Iguodala) pans out to be a smart 2nd round choice. I also need Okafor and Jamison to stay injury-free as they seem to be prone to being injured. I'm looking for Deron Williams and Ben Gordon to light it up real big with the numbers this year. Al Harrington with the 7th pick was a "I'm on the clock and I'm running out of time and I don't really know who to select" pick. Basically I'm hoping that LBJ just carries this team by himself and it doesn't really matter who else I have in the starting rotation. I'm ready for the season to start!


First home Wizards game at Verizon Center is November 3. I'm looking forward to this year's season. I'll be attending some of the home games this year so hopefully I can provide a unique perspective from my vantage point at the games. My seats are right by the visiting player tunnel so I'll have some good media to post once the season starts. They used to allow fans to reach over the railing and give the players high fives but after the Pistons-Pacers fiasco you're lucky if security even allows you to shout at the players as they run by before and after the game and during halftime.

The 'Zards will be without center Etan Thomas who is out with a heart ailment. This means that Brendan Haywood is going to be handed the starting job which is not a good thing. I've always thought he could be a lot more productive for someone with his size, and not to mention a lot tougher/more intimidating presence down in the post. Thomas and Haywood never got along together on or off the court and I've felt that a little competition, and not even friendly competition at that helps. So losing Thomas means that Haywood is not going to have to look over his shoulder for playing time which is not going to help his motivation in my opinion. You also lose a tough defender and rebounder as well as an additional six fouls without Thomas on the floor. Another result of Thomas being out will be that Andray Blatche will find himself getting more playing time too although I still think his game isn't polished enough yet to make a decent impact for the team.

I'll also be interested in seeing how some of the new blood is going to help the team this year. As for any team maintaining healthy bodies on the floor, especially the big 3 Arenas, Butler, and Jamison is crucial to success. In the Wizards' case I think it is even more crucial because the team just isn't the same if even one of the three is out. It makes the other two try to overcompensate for the missing third. I remember watching a few games last season while Arenas was out and the Wizards were losing by 30-35 points and I thought to myself well that's where Gil's points would have filled in.

The first home game is always entertaining. The team tries to make the intros a little more unique than during the regular season. Last year they had a silhouette of D.C. in the back of the tunnel with a laser show. Gilbert came out last in a Wizard robe. The media staff usually does a good job of putting together a decent jumbo-tron video paired with upbeat music. Below was last year's video:

Monday, October 15, 2007


The Virginia football team is ranked 19th in this week’s Bowl Championship Series (BCS) standings released Sunday afternoon. The Cavaliers are also ranked 24th in this week’s USA Today coaches poll.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ravens vs Rams

1:00 Ravens are playing the Rams today at home. Rams at 0-5 are horrible, I believe that Steven Jackson, Marc Bulger and Orlando Pace are all not starting. Ravens may or may not have Steve McNair starting. At this point, I dont know if I really prefer either him or Kyle Boller. All I want to see from the Ravens today is 125 yards from Willis McGahee and the Ravens defense holding the Rams to under 14 points.

1:03 Kyle Boller is starting....this should be very interesting. Also there is a young offensive line starting in front of him, hopefully that doesnt lead to fumbles/interception, all in all bad plays.....and Boller is sacked on the first play from scrimmage.

1:05 Three and out. They didnt run the ball at all.

1:07 OH HI MARQUIS HAGANS. Ex-UVA QB starting at WR for the Rams. Unsurprisingly, Isaac Bruce is hurt as well.

1:10 Johnson makes a nice read and knocks down the slant pass to the man in the slot. He is not AD, but he'll do for now.

1:14 BIG SURPRISE! McGahee's first carry was for 10 yds. I mean who saw that coming?

1:18 Already Boller has thrown a couple passes that were longer than 20 yds...they weren't complete, but I mean, baby steps right?

1:28 McGahee got up real slow....thats not good. Anderson in on 4th and 1. This is where Billick will try and get cute with a play-action pass or super-safe with the field goal, when you need to just run the ball up the gut....and false start on Brown. Field goal attempt is.....good.

1:35 PICK! Dwan Edwards? Not Frerotte's fault, pass was tipped into the air by Drew Bennett. McGahee is back in though. Thats a-nice. I just want to see someone do up the hustleman shuffle.

1:43 Boller goes down holding his knee on a busted screen play. Crap. But he is staying on the field. McNair is warming up though. Nice catch by Williams. He is my favorite receiver of the bunch.

1:46 Stover with a field goal....its good. I would kill for a offensive TD right now.

1:49 PICK FOR MCALISTER! Frerotte underthrew the pass HORRIBLY. Maybe Gus oughta go back to banging his head against the wall.

1:55 Boller with the fumble. Little comes from the blind side around Gaither, and hits Boller from behind, knocking the ball loose. I miss J.O. Rams have the ball at the 10.

1:58 Btw, Mike Hall winner of DREAM doing sideline reporting for Fox on the Vikings-Bear game. WHAT A DREAM JOB! CONGRATULATIONS! If he was better looking, he might actually have some upward mobility...but now. But Gregg BLOWS UP Leonard in the backfield. Then T-Sizzle knocks the ball loose but the Rams

2:01 Hagans doesnt know how to catch....then Wilkins doesnt know how to hit a 23 yd field goal. Wow, this really is an 0-5 team.

2:10 TOUCHDOWN MCGAHEE!!! Thats red-zone offense. His first of the season. Thank God!


Stacey: I think that's great!

Host: Stacey, what would be the physical manifestation of your mood after McGahee's TD?


Host: Ok, I think that's enough Stacey.

2:23 Rams screw up a fourth and short. Ravens have the ball, and somehow get called for offensive pass interference.....I swear only the Ravens get this called on them.

2:29 T-Sizzle's FIRST sack of the season...that's not suppposed to happen in the sixth game of the season. Well, to be fair, he gets all the attention without Trevor Pryce. Horrible clock management at the end of the half. Wow. How much does it suck to be a Rams fan?

2:46 PICK IVY! Ravens start with the ball in the red zone...TD or Bust!

2:48 Crap....gonna have to settle for a FG. BUST!

2:54 Ray Lewis knocks the wind out of Brian Leonard. How many careers has Ray Lewis ended? Eddie George, Rich Gannon (maybe that was Siragusa though), McNair (I am aware of the irony). I think thats it off the top of my head. Well damn, that wasn't nearly as fun as it could have been.

2:57 Alex Barron cheats, and gets away with it. There is a worldwide (NFL) conspiracy designed to keep Baltimore down. Build an ART MUSEUM TAGLIABUE!?!?!?! Rams hit a FG. meh.

3:09 Williams with a BIG CATCH! Great ball skills, finds the ball and brings it down. I like the red zone offense: Screen pass to McGahee, Run up the gut, run up the gut, run off-tackle (should be TD, but Chester cheated), then....Boller gets picked. Damnit.

3:16 PICK GREGG! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!??!!? Banaan gets the hit on Frerotte. Tim Ryan wants the Rams to challenge the play because Frerotte's arm is moving forward? It didnt hit the ground Tim, it's a pick or a fumble recovery either way. FG stover. LAME. 4 trips into the red zone, 1 TD. That's a horrible rate.

3:30 Bart Scott knocks the crap out of Frerotte, Reed picks the wounded duck Frerotte throws up. Almost as good as this hit.

3:36 Another FG. GOD. Troy Smith should be the Red Zone QB or something.

3:44 Rolle with an almost pick....looked like he was the intended reciever on the far this game, no HORRIBLE/stupid penalties on the Ravens. And not-so-amazingly the Ravens are winning by 19.

3:51 Rams turn it over on downs. Let's wrap this game up: Ravens Defense looks very very very very good....against a very very very very bad team. Ravens offense again looks ok, but cannot finish inside the red zone. The O-line for the Ravens played servicable football, the WRs played relatively well, McGahee played pretty well. The problem with the offense is not the players....rather it is the PLAYCALLING. Remember that. The Ravens defense is not necessarily the most talented defense in the league, rather it is the scheme and playcalling on the defensive side that makes them good. Unfortunately the Ravens, while good, are not particularly GREAT in any single phase of the game at this point. The Ravens could be GREAT at running the ball, or passing the ball, but they need to establish an identity. The Ravens Defense is GREAT at forcing turnovers...but if they miss out on opportunities, they tend to let it get inside their head and they start to let down on the basics of defense.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ravens vs 49ers

4:14 It's Week 5....Ravens are in San Fransisco, Home of many many rich people? Interesting match up because Mike Nolan, current head coach for the 49ers, was the defensive coordinator for the Ravens prior to Rex Ryan. The 49ers run a very similar defense to the one that the Ravens run now, the talent level is not the same, but that comes with time. Also, the 49ers QB is Trent Dilfer, former starting QB for the Ravens, and he splashed some hatorade on Billick earlier this week and then copped out with an apology. My prediction for this game...Billick will finally learn to run the ball and the Ravens will win handily. Billick will take credit for about 75% of McGahee's yards and claim that earlier in the season McGahee was just not healthy enough to run the ball or some BS excuse like that.

4:16 Somehow the FB was called for a false start. I dont know how that happens....hopefully he was just excited because the ravens were actually going to run the ball....

4:24 Two three and outs in a row, Billick is running the ball with McGahee...this is a good sign.

4:30 First sack for Bart Scott!! Trent Dilfer is really really really slow.

4:35 I'll be honest, I am not really sure why Steve McNair is out there....then he has a pass tipped straight up and almost picked off by a DT. I guess Kyle Boller ought to be out there? I just don't feel right saying that, maybe McNair should stay out there.

4:38 3 consecutive series, 3 consecutive times on 3rd down that Steve McNair throws short of the first down marker. Its not rocket science.

4:41 I get the feeling that Frank Gore might run over the Raven's defense for a big play.....and just as I say that, the 49ers run Maurice Hicks outside and the Raven's gang tackle him like they did back in 2000. That was real nice to see.

4:46 Third and 8......McNair doesnt want to throw the ball...then tosses it deep....and somehow the Ravens got a gift pass interference call.

4:52 Third and 11....Pass to Williams for 6 yards. That pretty much sums up the Ravens offense in a sentence.

4:56 So the question was brought many girls do you need in an orgy, before you can bring in a second guy and make it ok? Also, can you melt a spider in bleach? We shall see.

5:05 Someone with more sense told us to just throw it out...damn. Ravens are driving well...two consecutive first downs....then Mike Flynn gets hurt. Thankfully the O-line is one part of the team that actually has some quality depth.

5:15 Baltimore settles for a FG. Big surprise....Ravens red zone offense is atrocious.

5:20 Former Ravens on the 49ers: Trent Dilfer, Marques Douglas, Abrayo Franklin, Mike Nolan, Johnnie Lynn, and Mike Singletary. Also thankfully, Trent Dilfer is playing like he did in 2000 as well.

5:25 Apparently Brian Billick was drafted by the 49ers....I think I have been told about 5 times. 11th round. Then he took a public relations job with ther 49ers. I bet he thought he was smarter then all the reporters back then as well. More importantly McGahee has 91 total yds...we may actually get our money's worth out of him today.

5:28 By the way, I am drinking Bell's Kalamazoo Stout today. It is delicious...and it has a creepy guy on the label.

5:30 FIRST DOWN TO DEMETRIUS WILLIAMS. Williams has been the most consistent reciever this year as far as I am concerned. I know Mason catches a lot of balls, but they are normally underneath routes for 5-6 yds at a time...Williams runs the outs, deep ins, and digs.

5:33 Matt Stover lines up and knocks in the field goal....SUPER EXCITING. Time for more beer. HALFTIME.

5:50 Arnaz Battle went to ND. He caught a first down....49ers had zero passing yards in the first half.

5:55 ED REED WITH A PICK. WOOOOOOOOO!!! Let's turn this into 6 guys. That sounds like I want to turn a football into 6 guys.

6:04 Stover with another field goal. BOOOOOOOOOOOOORING.

6:11 Great Catch by Gilmore! and then TD to Arnaz Battle. Thats about all the revenge I want to see from Trent Dilfer. Let's see how the Ravens respond.

6:16 First result for McGahee on youtube...his leg injury. I dont even like watching it. Its nasty.

6:19 Kelly Gregg with the SACK! Looks like the Raven's D is going to need to score...ya know like they used to have to. Ed Reed with pick 6?

6:32 The ravens had 20 total yards in the 3rd quarter. awesome. thats the formula for success right there. Related to that, this is where Compucoach's lack of an emotion circuit (which leads to his lack of feel for the game) comes in. you have a two point lead, you are in the fourth prolly oughta to run the ball and kill some clock instead of naked bootlegs and slants.

6:36 With over 11 minutes to go in the 4th quarter, McNair has thrown 36 times. His arm may fall off. Actually make that definitely will fall off, just not today. Also his deep ball is not at all pretty, what happened to the McNair from 4-5 years ago who was throwing bombs to Drew Bennet, Tyrone Calico and Justin McCareins. Oh wait thats was 4-5 years ago. I wonder if the Raiders will trade JaMarcus Russell.

6:45 20 Yd Net yardage on the punt. Might as well have kicked it along the ground Sam.

6:49 Gore with a big gainer. I was worried about him and having Ray Lewis chasing him. THANK GOD THE RAVENS WERE PREPARED TO STOP THE BALL CARRIER.

6:52 Nedney misses the FG wide right. Plenty of distance on the 52 yarder, but he hooked it. Ravens with good field position and better put some points on the board to put the game away.

7:02 McGahee getting some tough yards. I do want to mention that the O-line is starting 3 rookies sometimes and is playing VERY well. This bodes well for the future. Steve McNair does not look like he will be here for much longer though.

7:04 McNair sneaks it for the first down and clinches the 9-7 win. Yeah that was a 2000 Ravens sort of win. Except the Raven's defense wasnt nearly as dominant but the offense was just as putrid. In the future, the Raven's offense needs to get into some fashion of a rhythm and a big play or two might loosen things up for them. Let's hope for the best in the future.

Lions @ Skins

Now watching Lions @ Skins on FOX...

1st Quarter
[7:52] Muffed snap. Puts the Skins out of field goal range. Redskins 0, Lions 0, non-eventful first quarter.

2nd Quarter
[10:00] Passing game is going well for the Skins. Campbell is having a great start. He is in a good rhythm because he's not getting pressured. The Lions should probably switch up their zone defense. It doesn't seem to be working. Good thing I started Campbell this week on one of my fantasy teams.
[9:15] Two big consecutive runs by Portis. Skins offense is rolling right now.
[8:17] TOUCHDOWN. Campbell to Cooley. I must say, impressive offensive drive. Time of possession: Redskins about 17 minutes, Lions about 4 minutes. Redskins, 7, Lions 0.
[8:10] Why do they keep hyping Mike Martz vs. Greg Williams?? Who cares??
[6:48] Big fumble recovery by the Lions.
[5:31] Interesting lineup by the Redskins. Direct snap to Portis and Campbell at WR. It worked. Big gain.
[5:00] Great throw by Campbell to Sellers. HUGE hit by Sellers. Man this Detroit defense is porous. Skins offense is getting into a good rhythm.
[3:06] Fumbled snap. Recovered by Campbell. A lot of muffed snaps so far today.
[2:37] Going for it on 4th down. 37-yard gain. Campbell to Randle-El. Wow, he was wide open.
[1:56] TOUCHDOWN. Mike Sellers. Redskins 14, Lions 0. 7 plays, 83-yard drive.
[1:46] Great kickoff return by Troy Walters. 39-yard gain.
[1:39] FUMBLE. Redskins recover. Unbelievable. I hate those UPS commercials. The song is kinda catchy though. Philip Daniels injured on the play. Oh, the play is going to be reviewed. It definitely looked like a fumble to me. Oh wow its overturned. It was a fumble but the Redskin was out of bounds when he recovered it.
[0:00] FUMBLE. Recovered by the Lions. End of first half. Ooh, Skins @ Packers next week. Who would have thought that would be a good game at the beginning of the season?

3rd Quarter
[14:29] Timeout Redskins. Burned a timeout this early in the 2nd half. Interesting to note. Greg Williams didn't like something and he looks pissed off. Too many men on the field for the Redskins.
[13:08] FUMBLE. Another one. Recovered by the Lions. Randle-El is out for the rest of the game. Hamstring injury.
[10:15] Campbell to McCardell. First catch of the season for McCardell.
[6:50] Field goal attempt. No good. I HATE those Chevy Silverado commercials.
[5:25] INTERCEPTION by Sean Taylor. Flag on the play. Could be pass interference. Yep. Interception nullified.
[2:32] Hanson 39-yard field goal. Its good. Lions 3, Redskins 14.
[1:18] Redskins are challenging the spot on the field. Could be costly if they lose this challenge.
[0:29] SAFETY. Kitna trips over himself. Carter capitalizes . Redskins 16, Lions 3.
[0:15] Campbell to McCardell 19 yard gain. Campbell is still rolling.

4th Quarter
[14:25] Two big runs. One by Portis and the other by Sellers.
[13:43] FUMBLE by Portis. Recovered by Lions.
[12:55] Great pass Kitna to Williams. One of the first big plays today for the Lions.
[10:50] Holy shit. What a return by Thrash....FUMBLE...recovered by Cartwright!!! What a block by Sean Taylor! Can we see that replay please. Detroit is challenging the play. They're saying Thrash was out of bounds. Call on the field stands.
[10:47] TOUCHDOWN. Cambpell to Sellers. Skins are going for 2. CONVERSION GOOD. Campbell to Cooley. Redskins 24, Lions 3.
[7:08] Kitna sacked. 19th time this season.
[7:00] INTERCEPTION. Sean Taylor. This game is pretty much over.
[3:06] Field goal. Redskins 27, Lions 3.
[2:09] HUGE HIT by Smoot. He hurt himself. Hey Gus Frerotte is playing today in St. Louis. Remember when he injured himself when he was with the Redskins after ramming his head into a concrete wall? Gave himself a concussion.
[0:45] INTERCEPTION. Carlos Rogers. 61 yard return. Redskins 34, Lions 3.
[0:05] Kitna sacked for the fifth time today.

All-around well-played game by the Redskins this game. Lions were just terrible today. Skins get the Packers next week.

Sam Rosen
  • Joe Gibbs said that the team was just hugely disappointed about last year.
Tim Ryan
  • The best thing the Redskins are doing right now is keeping the ball away from the Lions high-octane offense.
  • Greg Williams today is going to put his defenders in places where Mike Martz wants his receivers to be.
  • One of the things you have to be impressed with the Redskins is how they involve the offensive linemen in the offense.
  • The Lions have been out hit and out physical-ed by the Redskins.
  • Chris Samuels is one of the elite linemen in the league. He's good.
  • Redding needs to be better as this season rolls along. He is the team's franchise player.
  • Is it me or is he just gettting bigger? Hockuley?

Saturday, October 6, 2007

UVA vs Middle Tenn. St.

7:05 watching on CSS....and the sound is already out. short preview, first time that MTSU has ever had an ACC team come to their stadium. Their stadium is named after their most successful coach Johnny Floyd who last coached in the 20's? The Blue Raiders are in the Sunbelt Conference, their mascot used to be a student dressed up as Nathan Bedford Forrest, who is best known as the Confederate General who was the first Grand Wizard of the KKK and also the namesake of Forrest Gump. Now the mascot is a blue-winged-horse...yea, I dont really get it either. UVA is notoriously bad on the road...the key is not Cedric Peerman, rather it is Sewell, who with a good game, can open up the field for Peerman to run. My prediction is UVA ekes one out...PLEASE DONT LOSE ON THE ROAD AGAIN.

7:07 Fumbled the kickoff....awesome. First series was a three and out....remember it's UVA on the road.

7:12 Three and out for the Blue Raiders of MTSU. Hall almost gets murdered on the ensuing punt. Hopefully he turns into the "Playmaker" for this Wahoo team.

7:15 The camera looks its either foggy, or someone needs to wipe the camera lens. Third and four.......completes a pass to a WR, but somehow it is still short? Inexperience at the WR position. Another three and out for UVA.

7:20 First Down!...for MTSU...they are running up the gut of the UVA defense. Either all the players have halos or the camera guy still hasn't wiped his lens.

7:24 Actally its only the UVA players that have the halos. God must love the Wahoos. Unfortunately the QB runs through the HOLEY UVA defense. I am horrible. Of course the QB's name is Dasher. Fourth and 1....MTSU First down. I hope UVA soccer is doing better.

7:31 A Nice catch by Teron Henry for a TD MTSU. Al has his hands on his hips...he is pensive, thinking about the bus ride back. Way to coach em up. Well UVA is down on the road...nothin new there.

7:34 TE Clone #1 catches a 26 yd pass. By the way, the best part of this game being on a minor network? No TV timeouts...not likely I'll pass out in the middle of this one. THANK GOD.

7:36 Sewell has had two straight passes tipped....up, which were almost good. Then nobody was open so Sewell takes a big hit, and MTSU forces the punt. How is a team just consistently horrible on the road, regardless of their home record?

7:40 UVA gets a first down on a penalty during the punt, then another penalty on MTSU for roughing the passer...well I mean its easier then actually moving the ball.

7:43 TOUCHDOWN TE CLONE #3! Also, I would like to say, already I believe that announcing crew for this game is FAR superior to anything I have seen on ESPN thus far. At least the color guy, knows what he is saying. Very observant, gives QUALITY information. None of this fluff about what the kid did in high school or who his dad is. CAN YOU IDENTIFY THE TE CLONE?

7:48 MTSU is moving the ball on UVA like well, a good offense would on a bad defense...the problem being, that UVA's defense is supposed to not be bad.

7:54 Running into the holder? What is that? Is that a penalty? MTSU settles for a FG attempt.....BLOCK. Bend but dont break and then BLOCK their kick, right Al? That was the plan all along.

7:59 Peerman had to be carted off the, the Payne train is in. This could be bad. Three and out for the UVA offense. Damn.

8:04 UVA is unable to pressure the QB at all. Chris Long? Jeff Fitz? Thats two consecutive first downs where Dasher had a beautiful pocket. The kind that Joe Montana always had.

8:07 Cheating on UVA's defense. Damn. UVA blitzed up the middle, MTSU picked up the blitz beautifully, throws down the sideline to the endzone and gets a pass interference call.

8:09 MTSU TD. another passing TD from Dasher. Double slant from slot and outside recievers...outside WR was open. Its like playing Madden. How much do you think Groh could learn from playing a couple seasons in franchise in NCAA Football or Madden? Also Sabres are up 1-0 on the Islanders.

8:15 Three and out for the UVA offense. Mr Color Commentator believes that UVA needs to attack the perimeter of the defense. I believe he is correct.

8:20 MTSU has to punt the ball. YAY!

8:21 UVA throws a screen and IT WORKS!! I like it. I wasnt sure if that was in the playbook...maybe it was on the third or fourth screen.

8:25 UVA's offense looking better, running up the middle with Payne, option pitch to Pearman, then throwing outside to the WR.

8:27 PEARMAN LEAPS INTO THE END ZONE. That was nice. 10 plays, 85 yds. Thats a good drive.

8:35 Long finally gets a sack. Finally putting some pressure on the QB. Dasher almost gets picked...but UVA's defense holds strong and ends the half on a good note.

9:03 Second half begins....with MTSU fumbling then running the ball back all the way to the 30 on the kickoff...Let's see if the UVA defense learned anything.

9:05 They did. Yay learning! Three and out for MTSU. Let's see if the UVA offense learned anything. They did. Payne runs 20 yds up the middle.

9:09 Nevermind....a C+. Drive stalled after the Payne first down.

9:14 Vic Hall does his best playmaker inpersonation but someone messes it up for him with a block in the back.

9:24 Field position game...BORING. UF vs LSU just looks like a quality game because of the athletes on the field. its just not the same watching UVA vs MTSU.

9:32 THE PAYNE TRAIN MOVES DOWN THE FIELD. Scoreless third quarter.

9:37 Pearman runs it in on the option. TD UVA!

9:49 The instant replay of fumble took 10 minutes. I decided to check my fantasy premier league team.

10:03 Sewell gets picked. Now MTSU scores a TD and takes the lead by one. I hate my life. at least the field isnt blue.

10:21 MTSU first down...Dasher is going to kill the clock.

10:26 UVA is driving.....and Sewell goes down...clock is running. Spike the ball with 12 seconds left..setting it up for a field goal....ITS GOULD!!! Didnt see that one coming.

10:32 UVA eeks one out. I dunno what to really say about this. I am shocked. I am glad to say that I was correct though.

Careful who you sit next to....